Are you ready for IR? Leica M8 M8.2 720 nm filter and 110 reel on ebay

Mark Kronquist

awesome thanks try a 720NM IR filter for BW

On May 7, 2021, at 6:21 PM, Mark Kronquist <mak@...> wrote:

works beautifully in a camera that was too sensitive to IR when issued   cheap too the TTA 35 1.4 beautiful IR combo my pix on FB open to all Mark Kronquist

and there is a 110 SS reel on flea bay now

On May 7, 2021, at 11:01 AM, Joe Mcgloin via <xkaes@...> wrote:

I was under the (mistaken?) impression that most digital cameras are basically worthless for IR photography because they have built-in filters to remove IR light -- and while that filter can be removed, you better know what you're doing -- and the camera can only be used for IR work after removal.